Kevin Leung for Douglas County Schools

Kevin Leung Put Kids First




Education is an American concern and politics have no role in the future of our children. Our only agenda should be to provide the best education possible for all children.

Kevin Leung, a 26-year resident of Douglas County and a graduate of the University of Colorado, promises to help rebuild the school district to be a “Prouder, Stronger, Better” place by improving funding available for our kids, giving teachers better compensation and a more fair evaluation system, and improving parental and community involvement in education.  Kevin will work hard to ensure that all interests work together instead of against each other.

Teachers will feel valued and face no fear of retribution at work. Taxpayers will feel they get their money’s worth by investing in our kids’ future. Kids will study in safer and healthier buildings with modern technology and updated building improvements.

Kevin Leung is a successful local businessman who is deeply committed to the Douglas County community. A better future for our children requires a board member like Kevin who understands education at the state and local level. He is able to work with people from all walks of life to come up with workable solutions. With your trust, Kevin Leung can help move Douglas County School District forward with new ideas and new thinking!

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