Gary Colley, retired DCSD teacher

“I would like to give my personal endorsement for Kevin Leung as a candidate for the DCSD Board of Education. Those who know me can attest to my commitment to high ethical standards and an unwavering commitment to accountability from everyone. I have the highest respect for Kevin Leung who, in my opinion, with respect to everyone else, is perhaps the best candidate. I have been very actively engaged since October of 2010 to bring accountability back to our local school district, and Kevin was doing that before me. Kevin will seek the validated interests of our local school community while serving on the Board of Education.”

Randi Allison, retired DCSD teacher

“I am endorsing Kevin Leung because of his ten-year commitment to the children and community of Douglas County. We are fortunate to have Kevin as an advocate for quality public education. Kevin will ensure responsible decision-making and transparency on the DCSD Board of Education. Thank you for running, Kevin, you have my vote!”